Thursday, September 3, 2015

Can I try this again?

Hey there strangers! Yes, I warned you I’m the worst blogger ever.  Things get in the way.  Life happens. I forget I’m supposed to sit down and get some stuff done between carpools, dance, soccer, cooking, cleaning, working, and basically just functioning day to day.  BUT…. Now I have both kids in elementary school.  That means they’re gone from 7:30-2:30.  Every. Day.  (happy dance over here!) In the last 10 days I’ve managed to catch up on laundry, clean out the kids bedrooms (so much trash!), and clean out the playroom. Loaded the car up with my donations and then enjoyed the order for a couple of days before the kids junked it up again.  At least now everything has a place for the most part.  Anyhoo, to my point I now have some freedom and time to actually devote to The Holcomb House.  I’ve learned so much in the 2 years I’ve been MIA.  Our little family of four has had a major health overhaul. In every way possible- food, detergents, personal care products, medicines, toys, you name it and I’ve tried to “clean” it up for my brood.  We are exposed to enough environmental toxins just walking around these days, I’m doing all I can to protect the Holcombs at home. Don’t get me wrong- we still order pizza once in a while, enjoy some sugary treats now and then, and have lazy days where we all watch too much tv and don’t move as much as we should.  But on the whole we’re taking big steps towards a healthier life.  So all that said, I’m so excited to get back onto this blog to share some of our new recipes, safe products for your home, and general day to day shenanigans that we get into.  Buckle up- it could be a bumpy ride.


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