Friday, September 25, 2015

Juicing is my new Jam!

So I mentioned in my re-entry that I'd be talking about living a cleaner lifestyle.  One way Captain No Fun and I have cleaned up our diets is by adding juices to our daily routines. I got back in to a work-out regimen early this year and fell in LOVE with PureBarre classes.  It's a 55 minute fast paced work out including elements of ballet, pilates, and yoga and I'm slightly obessesed.  However, I need some motivation to get my butt in there on a regular schedule.  In March they offered a great challenge- 20 classes in 30 days. It was nationwide- everyone who completed it would receive a goodie bag of PB swag and other stuff but the studio that had the most classes taken during the time period got a night of drinks and a facial for all participants.  Night of drinks? Facial? Sign me up!! I ended up with 21 classes in the month of  March and would you believe that PureBarre Greensboro won the whole thing?!?! Whoo-Hoo!!!! Anyway- in our swag bag was a book called The Suja Juice Solution. I let it sit on my night stand for about 2 months.  Then realized I was putting on a bathing suit to take the littlest to the pool everyday and it's wasn't pretty.  School was out and I couldn't justify paying a babysitter to pay to work out so let's just say "things" weren't exactly in the same places they were after that challenge- ha! So I busted that book out and Captain No Fun and I hit the ground running.  Got an amazing deal on an Omega Juicer and we started it.  The 28 day routine outlined in the book is great and we're (mostly) pretty good about making better choices on a daily basis now.  But I stumbled across this blend that's supposed to stop sinus issues.  Hold the phone- we sniffle all fall around our house and this has seriously helped.  So- if you've got a juicer make this today! If not- there's bound to be a similar blend for sale in your local organic market. 

And if you don't believe that eating "real food" can change your body check out Captain No Fun before and after 21 days of the Suja plan and 4 weeks of making better choices:


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